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Pioneers -- Visions of a New Horizon

We have exciting things planned for the 2017 version of The Days of ’47 celebration, from the Royalty Pageant and Parade, to the Rodeo and all the other colorful events. Our 2017 celebration will be full of thrills and spills. Schedule your summer plans to take advantage of our many activities — most of which are free to the public. Grab your hat, pull on those boots and c’mon down!

Days of ’47 Rodeo

For more information on the Days of '47 rodeo click here.

Days of ’47 Parade

The Days of ’47 Parade will be held on Monday, July 24th, 2017, in downtown Salt Lake City beginning at 9:00 am. For a new adventure, bring the kids, the sleeping bags and the hot dogs downtown on the evening of the 23rd. You can camp out on Salt Lake City streets along the route that evening. This is the biggest sleepover your family and friends will ever experience! Remember to bring enough water to keep everyone hydrated.

Click here for more about The Days of ’47 Parade.

An Introduction to The Days of ’47, Inc.

Celebrate the arrival of the first pioneer settlers to the Salt Lake Valley! The Days of ’47, Inc. remembers Utah’s early and current pioneers with a variety of events beginning with nominations for Pioneers of Progress awards and culminating with an all-day extravaganza with a Sunrise Service and Parade in downtown Salt Lake City on July 24th, 2017, a state-wide holiday, followed by our Rodeo that evening at Vivint Smart Home Arena. Bring your family and friends to the 2017 festivities. Most are free!

Days of 47 - Inspiring Today's Generation! - By Lee Benson

Within about two hundred yards of each other, no more than the length of a couple of football fields, two structures in downtown Salt Lake City offer powerful testimony that the past and the present aren’t so very different after all. The first structure is an original log cabin built by the pioneers who settled the Salt Lake Valley 157 summers ago. It is located a few steps off the northwest corner of South Temple and West Temple streets, between the Family History Library and the Church History Museum.

The second structure is the 99 West Condominium Tower that was completed two years ago as part of the sparkling new City Creek Center. It is located on the southeast corner of South Temple and West Temple streets. At first glance, the two buildings would seem to have nothing in common. The log cabin is a single room with a pot-bellied stove, a chamber pot and floor space of 300 square feet.

At 99 West, 30 stories high, there are 185 units with built-in fireplaces, bathrooms adjoining every bedroom and floor space ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet.

The log cabin cost $60 when it went up for sale in 1847.

The condos cost anywhere from $300,000 for a lower floor studio unit to $2.5 million for a top story penthouse.

It would appear about the only similarity to both is wood floors. Each have them. But scrape away such things as inflation and changing fashion, and throw in perspective, and the structures start to look very much alike.

The log cabin represents what qualifies as the first ambitious, high-end real estate development in the city. Civic leaders encouraged the building of the cabin, and others like it, so they would be ready when more pioneers arrived from the East. On Oct. 6, 1847, the “spec” cabin was bought by a prosperous blacksmith from New York named Osmyn Deuel and his family.

The condominiums represent what qualifies as the latest ambitious, high-end real estate development in the city. The building of the units at 99 West, and others like them, was encouraged by civic leaders so they would be ready when the City Creek Center was finished.

On Mar. 22, 2012, the date City Creek officially opened, more than a third of 99 West’s “spec” units had already been purchased. By 2014, occupancy is considerably higher.

The point is, then, as now, Utahns have responded to a growing, developing community in forward-looking ways, anticipating change and readying to embrace it.

Pioneers perceive the future and plan accordingly.

Having enough places for people to live is just a small part of the equation. Proper medical care and other social services, a thriving market place, first-rate education and employment opportunities, public parks and open spaces, an emphasis on the family – it all mattered then, and it all matters still.

Pioneers yesterday, pioneers today, pioneers tomorrow.

Background Information About Our Annual Celebration

On July 24, 1847, Brigham Young and a determined company of Mormon pioneers realized their dreams upon entering the Great Salt Lake Valley, thus becoming the vanguard of one of the greatest treks in American history. Pulling handcarts or driving wagons with oxen or horses, thousands of pioneers carried a firm commitment to America’s belief in freedom of religion as they slowly trudged across the plains to a vast desert landscape that became known as the Utah Territory. Coming together from many nations, they sought to create a new life. This trek of the early Utah pioneers exemplifies the courage, foresight and faith that continue to inspire modern-day pioneers.

By remembering those remarkable 1847 pioneers and all those who followed, The Days of ’47 seeks to make their accomplishments and hardships live today through a variety of activities and celebrations each year. We believe the example of past and present pioneers’ courage creates a vision for our combined future that everyone can follow while we continue recognizing Pioneers — Pushing toward our Future!

The Days of ’47, Inc. is a private, nonprofit, all-volunteer, charitable corporation to honor Utah’s early and modern pioneers and to keep their pioneering spirit alive.

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